Daddy Calling Free Fire Id,Uid Number,Kd State, Headshot Rate,Level,Income,Girlfriend,Age and More

Hello tomorrow, today I am going to write an article on Daddy Calling Daddy Calling Free Fire Id,Uid Number,Kd State, Headshot Rate,Level,Income,Girlfriend,Age and More

Who is Daddy Calling?

Hello how are I telling you who is Daddy Calling is India’s highest id level Player In game Free Fire has 92 level ID of Daddy Calling which no guy in India has Lite 92 level ID Why Daddy Calling is very popular in India

Daddy Calling Face Revival

Daddy Calling Free Fire Id

Daddy Calling  has finally revealed the face and you can see his photo here and he has also revealed the face of other players of his Guild if you want to see the video then I have given the link below

Daddy Calling Details

Real NameRohit
LanguagesMarathi, Hindi,
Birt Of DateNot Known
Home townNot Known
Hair ColourBlack
Eyes ColourBlack
Height“5”-7″ “7”8″
EducationNot Known

Daddy Calling Family & Relatives

Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Brother NameNot Known
Sister NameNot Known

Daddy Calling Relationship Status & Mobail Number

Married StatusSingle
GirlfriendsNot Known
Mobail Number99XXXXXX89

Daddy Calling Free Fire Id & Uid Details ( Profile )

Game Id NameDaddy Calling
UID Number  237647354
ID Level 92
Higher badge  1666
Lower badge 555
Id Total Like 99999
Current Renk 1000
CS Renk Not Playing
Battle Style Best pal , peacemaker
Social Style  trendsetter  , play to win
Device Mobail

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Daddy Calling Guild Details

Guild Name Daddy
Guild Id 60761192
Guild Leader  Daddy Calling
Glory 470044
Style  Casual
Region  india,Haryana

Daddy Calling Sensitivity & Other Settings

General  100
Red Dot 100
2x Scope 100
4x Scope 100
Sniper Scope 100
Free Look100
Aim Precision Default

Daddy Calling You Tube Channel Stat

Total Subscribe 1.2 Million
Viral Videos View  17 Million
First Video Date  25 April 2021
Channel Create Date  7 April 2021
Total Channel Video 177
Total Channel View 71 Million

Daddy Calling Social Media Accounts Link

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Daddy Calling Id State KD ,Headshot Rate,Rank Point,

Daddy Calling Free Fire Id

Hello Guys So Here I Will Show The Life Time Chat Of Daddy Calling  Here I Didn’t Add Rank Point

Solo Daddy Calling Total number of matches played by people in matches is 4442 code out of which total killed is 8095 and total matches they have won is 398

Here Daddy Calling’s average KD is 1.99 and headshot is taken by 2036 players and their headshot rate is 25%

Duo Daddy Calling Total number of matches played by people in matches is 2489.

Here Daddy Calling ‘s average KD is 1.88 and the headshot is taken by 962 players and their headshot rate is 23.24%

Quad Daddy Calling The total number of matches played by people in the matches is 41765.

Here Daddy Calling ‘s average KD is 5.51 and the player has 31837 headshots and his headshot rate is 22.33%

Here Daddy Calling maintained his badge album very well, you can see in the photo below that he has used the triple digit number very well, it shows a unit in his profile

Daddy Calling Monthly Income Report

Where I have used the social blank website to know the monthly income of Daddy calling, the amount of income will be shown here and from all of them I have converted here to Usd to.inr, I have some income may be up and down

All the information I am giving here, I have not believed about income or my own income, here according to the website, I am showing here only by converting dollar to end

On this website Daddy Calling’s monthly income is made at least 1.4 and maximum 22 point is 5 dollars, if we convert it to ionization then at least 115000 and maximum Tera Lakh Rupees is made at least Less and more it means monthly income is made within these two numbers.

If we Daddy Calling  1 year income becomes 17000.77$ and it is minimum and maximum becomes 274.15$ If we convert this to NR then around 16.7 lakhs is made at least and maximum 1.86 Crore Rupees is made

Lokesh Gamer Details

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