Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up Website in India 2022

How to topup in free fire in 20 rupees?

Hello Guys  Today we will know that Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up Website in India you can top up in free fire, to top up you must have online payment wallet like on paytm and google, to top up in free fire and I will tell you here that two I will tell you my special website which I myself use to get good benefits for free fire diamond purchase.

Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up Website List Website

First of all go to the website. Go to there if you are first time top up then you will get 100% cashback i.e. if you are getting 100 diamonds in 80 rupees you will get 100 Dimoand on top up. And on top of that you will get Total Diamond 200 with 100% Caskback. First of all you have to go to Google, you have to type in Google, you have to go to and that you have to click on the first link and a new interface will open for you which will be visible to you in the photo given below. First, you have to go there and connect your ID in two ways, firstly you have to connect your account through both player ID and Facebook, and in the second step you have to add your payment method like Google Pay Or  Paytm  has to be selected, we get the option of your debit card and credit card, so if you use paytm, then you have to select it on paytm, after that you will show many offers that you are getting 100 Dimoand  for ₹ 80. If you do it first time then you will get 100% cashback, next to that you will get more i.e. 200 diamonds you will get 100% diamond cashback in first, after that you will have to write the number one in paytm, then paytm will be your number. You will get a message from that number in the mobile, go to that message and send it to yourself. Pay the option in the Paytm Wallet, the automatic up payment will be done. is giving us customer support which is tremendous friend, whatever query you have will be solved within 24 hours. If you do not have diamond top up in your account, then you want to apply to customer support, then click on customer support in the photo below, go there and give your information, take your name, id, email id and your payment made. You have to go there and give its screenshot and customer support will solve your problem very easily Free Fire Dimoand Price List

40₹ =  Dimoand 50 + 50 Bonus

80₹ =  Dimoand 100 + 100 Bonus

240₹ = Dimoand 310  + 310 Bonus

400₹ = Dimoand 520  + 520 Bonus

800₹ = Dimoand 1060  + 1060 Bonus

1600₹ = Dimoand 2180  + 2180 Bonus

4000₹ = Dimoand 5600  + 5600 Bonus

How to purchase Dimoand In Website

  • First you have to open the browser
  • After that you have to search the game, the first link will be click on it.
  • After that you will have to enter your game ID, after entering the game ID, you will get the name of your profile on the corner i.e. the name of the game that you have put in the game will appear
  • From plan to give what you have to do
  • After that the option of payment will come in that you will get the option of Paytm UPI Google Play
  • When the payment is complete, you will get a complete notification that too along with the slip Website

My second website, You must have heard the name of Kota shop many times before, friend, you will get very good deals on Skoda shop, Codashop is promoting all Indian YouTube, you must have heard once, the name of Koda shop is Today I will tell how you can buy diamonds from Codashop, if you top up ₹ 40, then you get 50 diamonds friend and in this tell you friend you will get 20 more diamonds in bonus

If you want to top up from Codashop, then you click on the link on Codashop and you will automatically reach, after going there you will have to do 4 things, that is, you have to Compante in 4 steps. You have to enter your player ID, in seconds you have to select a diamond, you need 50 diamonds. Or need 200. Or 300, 500 or any diamond you want, select that type and in the third type you have to select your paytm, through which payment you want to make and in 4 step give you your email id Have to give and click Buy.

And next a new tab will come and after going there you have to confirm, after that your payment option will come, you have to go there and make your payment and your diamonds will be credited in your account immediately.

Out of these two sides the best website that I have found is The best thing in this is that you get this 100% Dimand on your first Top Up. Which Codashop does not give us 100% Demand Cashback.

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