How many times can we buy Rs 10 airdrops in free fire

Hello Free Fire Lovers Come to know that how many times you can take the address of ₹ 10 once, Hack Trick To buy Rs10₹ Airdrops In Free Fire then from one account you would have got the offer of ₹ 10 only once, but if you get the offer of ₹ 10 multiple times. You have to read this complete article, in this we will tell how you can get unlimited ₹ 10 address.

You can add only one account from one account, you can come to Kareena Free Fire twice, you can get an offer of ₹ 10 twice, if you have got the address of ₹ 10 twice in 1 day, then you are a very lucky person who gets the same The address of ₹ 10 has come twice a day.

Hack Trick To buy Rs10₹ Airdrops In Free Fire

If you have charged ₹ 10 in your account, then first of all you have to be on Paytm or Google to purchase it, because it is true that you can take your ₹ 10 item.

And if something comes here in your ₹ 10 A drop and you do not get diamonds, then what can you do, then let me tell you, first of all you have to go to your game and you will get the option of setting on the corner. You will get the option of support, you have to go and give it in writing, you will get a new tab open, you will get many questions and there will be the option of submit request in the corner, you have to add you and select your name uid. Do not write your game’s ID and you will be asked for the receipt number, the order ID of the person from whom you made your payment will be asked, you will go there and you must have taken your image screenshot, submit the screenshot and you will get diamonds in your account within 24 hours. If not found, your money will be refunded

Free Fire 10₹ Airdrop Hack Trick

Or we will tell you how you can use ₹ 10 addro unlimited times, then you have to apply ₹ 10 a drop, if you have to apply how you always get ₹ 10 a drop every time, then first of all you have to keep this thing in mind It is that the offer of ₹ 10 always comes in a new account, as if you open your new account, in that other account or through your second Gmail ID or Facebook, then you have to play a game first and then you When you come to the lobby, you come across another trope that is ₹10, 95% comes as soon as ₹10 airtel offer i have applied myself i have got ₹10 offer in four of my accounts And let me tell you that after the offer of ₹ 10,

you have to pay, after that you will get 300 diamonds in that account and you will get the item you will have, what should you do to get 300 diamonds, I will tell you completely first. It has to be kept in mind that even if your level becomes 10 plus in the new account, you can not send your diamond in free fire but you can send the skin on your email id. You can share off wonders and many items, that is, you can gift to your friend, first of all you have to complete your 10 level, after doing 10 level company,

you will get the option of gift and first of all you will get 10 To achieve the milestone of completing the level, I want to tell you that if you play solo game, if you play solo, then if you play in a single day and you have to play 20 games, you will have to complete 10 levels in the game. After that, you have to send a request on your mail id from this fake ID, order WhatsApp and you guys will also come, then you are not sending diamonds to you from the ID that your father created on your main ID. You will be able to send whatever Diamond attribute skin you have, and you will be able to send character bundles and kite boards and many more items.

If you get an offer of ₹ 10 in five accounts, then you will have to complete 10 levels to get your diamonds in your 5 accounts, after that you will get about 1500 Dimand in ₹ 50.

After OB24 update, if you have taken offer of ₹ 10 diamond in your account but your diamond is not showing in your account then what should you do, then first of all I will tell you after 20 update as soon as you add You apply, you pay, but if you do not see the diamonds you get in the offer of ₹ 10, then you first check in your wallet, there you have to open it in the current, you will find your address below the carat. You have to open it by going there and as soon as you open it, all the diamonds in it will be 300, it will come in your account after this new update, you are getting to see it in the wallet.

If your problem is not solved then you can contact us. It is resolved soon, we will try to get your problem fixed as soon as possible by talking to the poor people and you can comment your questions.

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