Mohak Narang And Surbhi Rathore Relationship status 2023

Mohak Narang And Surbhi Rathore Biography

So today I am going to talk about Mohak Narang  and Surbhi Rathore’s biography here I will talk to you about Mohak Narang and Shruti Rathod’s love story or success story.

Who Is A Mohak Narang

Hello tomorrow, I will tell you who is Mohak Narang Mohak Narang is a YouTube content creator who is currently the owner of a YouTube channel with more than 2.2 million YouTube subscribers and has more than 3 million photos on his Instagram and he is an influencer right now. in time

So first of all we know some things about Mohak Narang  that Mohak Narang was a tik tok creator who was putting his videos on tik tok and he became so popular by putting videos that his profile had almost 5.5 million followers.

Below is some information of Mohak Narang  which you can read like income bio Etc.

Mohak Narang Details

NameMohak Narang
ProfessionTik Tok Creator, YouTube Creator Instagram Influence
Date19 November 2000
Home TownHaryana
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
CarrieYouTube Vlog
EducationCollage Pass
GirlfriendsSurbhi Rathore

Mohak Narang Details

Surbhi Rathore Details

NameSurbhi Rathore
ProfesstionTik Tok. YouTube, Jose
Date3 December 2000
Home TownRajasthan
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
EducationCollege Pass
BoyfriendMohak Narang

Surbhi Rathore Details

Who Is A Surbhi Rathore

Today I will tell that Suit bhi raat ko aur kaun hai Shoorveer Rathod used to be a tiktok star but now she has become a youtube star because she is Mohak Narang’s girlfriend so she is a youtube star in today’s date and she Funny Motivation and Romantic Status Videos on Videos

Hello friends, I want to tell you some information of Surbhi Rathore that when little Rathore became viral in Tik Tok in both of the college, I want to tell that when she used to be free during her college days, she was on Tik Tok. She used to upload her videos by making and uploading, she had to face a lot of trouble in starting because her videos were not being used and none of the videos were going viral but she did not give up, she kept putting content on tik tok and suddenly one of her The video went viral, his popularity increased a lot.

Mohak Narang And Surbhi Rathore First Date Story

In the beginning, Surbhi Rathod Jannat was making a video with her college friend, till then she was not friends with Mohak Narang, only after that Surbhi started making videos with Mohak Narang, since then she started getting many followers and she became popular. Tick’s daily was being posted at a new level

But Tik Tok got stuck in the Wanted City of Tik Tok Viral YouTube and here Surti and Mohak Narang and all the Tiktok stars who were making their videos on Tik Tok uploaded a video on them by Carry Me Nati, which made their Tik Tok vs. Because of youtube mecon taxi, not many users tried to drop the setting of tik tok and many users cry and advised to delete tik tok, because of that tik tok was banned for some time and because of china also a permanent Tik Tok was banned,

after that these people, Surbhi and Mohak Narang shifted to another platform, they did not know on which platform we should shift, only then they got a very good solution which was never sister. Maybe it was a platform YouTube, after that Mohak Narang started putting his videos on YouTube and kept visiting them too and Mohak Narang became a popular YouTube creator.

Current Lee Surbhi Rathore is currently on Youtube and has uploaded that video on YouTube, now she has about 1.16 Million Subscribers on her YouTube channel, from this her property can be clearly seen how popular she has become and most of the videos are her best friend or boyfriend. It is said that they are not seductive, but it seems that he is a friend, but I do not think so.

Mohak Narang And Surbhi Rathore in Relationship?

Mohak Narang and Surbhi Rathore
Mohak Narang and Surbhi Rathore

I don’t think she is just friend because you must have seen many times in the video that Suit also Rathod loves Mohak too much so Kat doesn’t do best friend only girlfriend does it shows that she is a very good Can be girlfriends and boyfriends too

Surbhi Rathore YouTube Earnings Report

If we also talk about Suit Rathod’s YouTube income, then Holiday Rathod earns revenue from YouTube in the middle of 4.7k to b75k  from YouTube, if we convert it into INR, then almost this amount comes less If you talk about less than 319000 and talk about more revenue, you get 52 lakhs.

If we look at Surbhi Rathore’s 1 year revenue, then it comes that the minimum of 1 year stays 40 lakhs and the maximum it stays between around 6 crores

Mohak Narang Social Media Accounts Link

You TubeLink
Facebook PageLink

Here I am giving you the links of Mohak Narang ‘s social media, if you want to support him, then you can support him by clicking on the link given below, you must support this great super star.

Surbhi Rathore Social Media Accounts Link


Here I am giving you the link of Surbhi Rathore’s social media account, with the help of which you can see her original profile and follow her.

Mohak Narang YouTube Earnings Report

Hello friends, I want to give you a report on YouTube earnings, this report is available to you online, if you want to see this report, then I want to tell you something that there is a website for earning of YouTube, it tells Estimate Earning, its name Social Plant On this website you will be able to know all the content of YouTube, YouTube Earnings.

Mohak Narang’s running hai 1 month stays in between 15000k usd to 248.5k i.e. price of $1 is approx ₹70 if we convert it to $15000 then it becomes 10 lakh rupees and talk about highest amount it is 248.5k K becomes 1 crore 71 lakhs

Talking about the total income of Akarmak Nagar in 1 year, it is made around 186k ​​- 3M, if we convert it into a mirror, then take it and the highest score is so much that it earns from 3 crores to 21 crores a year.

Mohak Narang And Surbhi Rathore QNA

Who is Mohak Narang?

Mohak Narang is a YouTube Content Creator His Create Videos On YouTube And Has 2 2 Million Subscribers On His channel And He Make videos For Entertainment, Travelling Vlogs, Lifestyle

What is Mohak Narang’s Birthday Date?

Mohak Narang’s Birthday Date Is 19 November 2000.

Who is Mohak Narang Girlfriends?

Surbhi Rathore mohak Narang Girlfriends.

What is the Name of Mohak Narang’s Girlfriends?

Mohak Narang ‘s Girlfriends Name is Surbhi Rathore.

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