Munna Bhai Gaming Yt Free Fire Id Number,Uid,Kd Stat,Headshot

Hello Friends, So today I am going to write an article on Munna Bhai Gaming if you do not know who is Munna Bhai Gaming then I want to tell that Munna Bhai Gaming Free Fire Id Number,Uid,Kd Stat,Headshot Rate,Income, Girlfriend, And Mobail Number is a Youtube from Andhra Pradesh who upload their videos on youtube and that one Gaming content creators who provide videos for Free Fire

Munna Bhai Gaming Yt Free Fire Id

Who is Munna Bhai Gaming

Munna Bhai Gaming is a Free Fire YouTube Content Creator who uploads his videos to YouTube and is the No. 1 YouTube Channel of Andhra Pradesh and has around 2.6 Million Subscribers on his YouTube Channel. Karan Le is the owner of Munna Bhai Gaming 3 YouTube Channel and That day youtube channel names are given below

Munna Bhai Gaming Details

Real Namesanikula venkata achuth
ProfesstionYouTube, Gamer
LanguagesTelugu, Hindi,Tamil
Birt Of Date12 October 1998
Birthplacewest godavari,Anthara pradesh,India
Home townAnthara pradesh
Hair ColourBlack
Eyes ColourBlack
Height“5”-7″ “7”8″
EducationNot Known

Family & Relatives

Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Brother NameNot Known
Sister NameNot Known

Relationship Status & Mobail Number

Married StatusSingle
GirlfriendsNot Known
Mobail Number86XXXXXX90

Free Fire Id & Uid Details ( Profile )

Game Id NameMunnaBhai YT
UID Number 402752655
ID Level80
Higher badge 546
Lower badge143
Id Total Like 48993
Current Renk3209
CS Renk Heroic 45
Battle StyleDominate, Wrestle
Social Style trendsetter , play to win
Social TextFalling Down Is an Accident Staying Down is Choice

Guild Details

Guild NameTeam MBG
Guild Id1002207496
Guild Leader Munna Bhai
Style Casual
Region india,Haryana

Sensitivity & Other Settings

General 100
Red Dot100
2x Scope100
4x Scope100
Sniper Scope100
Free Look0
Aim PrecisionDefault

You Tube Channel Stat

Total Subscribe2.6 Million
Viral Videos View 5.6 Million
First Video Date 11 may 2019
Channel Create Date 9 April 2017
Total Channel Video1060
Total Channel View250 Million

MBG Army You Tube Channel Stat

Total Subscribe1.07 Million
Viral Videos View 3.8 Million
First Video Date 9 July 2020
Channel Create Date 10 January 2020
Total Channel Video250
Total Channel View102 Million

Team MBG You Tube Channel Stat

Total Subscribe306k
Viral Videos View 2 Million
First Video Date 25 December 2020
Channel Create Date 9 December 2020
Total Channel Video47
Total Channel View17

Social Media Accounts Link

InstagramClick Now
FacebookClick Now
DiscordClick Now
EmailClick Now

YouTube Channel List

  • Munna Bhai Gaming
  • MBG Army
  • Team MBG

Id Kd Stat

Battle Royal Solo Stat

Games 4289
Top 101981
Top 10 Rate46.19%
KD Ratio6.13
AVG Distance Traveled 3.46Km
AVG Survival Time10″12
Most kill In Match43
AVG Damage per Match 1405
Headshot 11284
Headshot Rate 58.16

Battle Royal Duo Stat

Top 5 1052
Top 5 Rate 39.97%
KD Ratio4.93
AVG Distance Traveled 3.32 Km
AVG Survival Time 9″45
Most Kill In Match 20
AVG Damage Per Match 1415
RoadKills 30
Headshot 4837
Headshot Rate 49.48%

Battle Royal Quad Stat

Top 55270
Top 5 Rate 43.19%
KD Ratio 5.77
AVG Distance Traveled 3 71km
AVG Survival Time 10.12
Most Kill in Match 24
AVG Damage Per Match 1738
RoadKills 117
Headshot 23539
Headshot Rate 48.39

Monthly Income

Hello how are you, here I will talk about the monthly income of Munna Bhai Gaming, here I want to tell one thing that Munna Bhai Gaming has two different YouTube channels, here I am going to tell the income of those YouTube channels as well.

The first step is Munna Bhai Gaming’s YouTube channel, that we will try to know right away, so I am going to use a website that tells us the monthly income of the YouTube channel, this is the name of the website Social Bland’s information will be redacted the same. I will try to give you the information here, I have not put any income of my own here.

Munna Bhai’s monthly income is minimum between 1.7k USD and maximum 27.7k USD website suggest if we convert USD to INR then around 120000 minimum earning is made and maximum 20 lakhs is available i.e. between 120000 and 20 lakhs, the earning of Munna Bhai Gaming remains.

If we take out 1 year old Munna Bhai, then it becomes at least 20000 US dollars and maximum 3 24K if we convert it to inr then 2500000 is made at least and at most 22 crores. Is

MBG Army You Tube Channel Monthly Income

If we take out the monthly income of MBG Army, then it becomes at least $ 1.1k and maximum $ 16.5k, if we convert it to inr then it becomes at least 75000 and maximum 10 lakh rupees.

MBG Army that we talk about 1 year income then it makes minimum 12.5k$ and maximum 195k Usd  if we convert in this inr then 9.15 lakh minimum and maximum 1.4 Crore Rupees

Team MBG You Tube Channel Monthly Income

Team MBG’s monthly income is 146 USD minimum and maximum 2.3K USD dollars if we convert it to Inr then minimum 15000 is made and maximum 140000 is made

Team MBG Withdraw the full income of 1 year, then around $1.8k is made at least and at most $28.5k  is made, if we convert it to INR, then this much is made at least 120000 and maximum Makes 21 Lakh Rupees

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