UnGraduate Gamer Free Fire Id Uid Number,No.1 Grandmaster

UnGraduate Gamer Free Fire ID Number, Real Name, Age, Phone Number, Free Fire UID Number, Logo, Face, Photo,Girlfriend, Married Status, Instagram Account Wikipedia Biography 2022

today I am going to write an article on UnGraduate Gamer, here I will give you the result of the age of the ungraduate gamer Real Name,Free Fire ID, UiD Date of birth, you will be able to easily identify who is the real UnGraduate Gamer and I am UnGraduate Gamer’s girlfriend and Will talk to girlfriend’s phone number

Who is Ungraduate Gamer

Ungraduate Gamer is 1 player of free fire who make videos and upload to youtube and that one is on youtube and have 7.8 million subscribers on his channel and Ungraduate Gamer upload videos to his youtube channel by taking clone master and camp

If any Gun Skin Game comes in the UnGraduate Gamer game, then he gives his opinion on them first and from here he tells us very well about any Gun.

UnGraduate Gamer Wikipedia Biography

UnGraduate Gamer Real Name Details 

Real NameAyush Dubey
NickNameAyush Bhai
ProfesstionYouTube, Game
Home TownNew Delhi

UnGraduate Gamer Date of Birth And Age And More

Date Of Birth2001
Birthplacenew Delhi ,India
Hair Colour   Black & Yellow
Eyes ColourBlack
Height6.5 -7.7

Education And relationships Status 

EducationNot Known
Married StatusNot Married

Free Fire Id & UID Details 

Id NameUG-Ayush7M
Uid Number256205699
Id Total Like86930
id Level83

Free Fire id Profile Bio

Higher badge  5463
Lower badge 369
Current Renk   3672 Heroic
CS Renk  Heroic 11
Battle StyleGuerrilla, Uncrowded
Social Style      trendsetter,Newbin
Device  Mobail

Id State KD Ratio,Headshot Rate Etc.

Solo Royal Match State

Top 10349
Top 10 Rate49.44%
KD Ratio4.69
AVG Distance Traveled3.26Km
AVG Survival Time“09”58″
Most kill In Match18
AVG Damage per Match1142
Headshot Rate43.48%

Battle Royal Duo Stat

Top 5325
Top 5 Rate44.01%
KD Ratio3.43
AVG Distance Traveled3.67 Km
AVG Survival Time“10”30″
Most Kill In Match15
AVG Damage Per Match996
Headshot Rate30.81%

Battle Royal Quad Stat

Top 512558
Top 5 Rate42.58%
KD Ratio5.13
AVG Distance Traveled3.63 km
AVG Survival Time“10”44″
Most Kill in Match14
AVG Damage Per Match1466
Headshot Rate29.86%

Guild Details

Guild NameEG Empire
Guild Id63203767
Guild Leader 256205699
Style Casual
Region india,Haryana

Top 5 Game Friends List

  • Tonde Gamer
  • Shekhar
  • Sanam bhai
  • Sunny Bhai
  • Abhishek Yt

Top 5 Five rate Gun List

  • Mp40
  • M1014
  • M1887
  • Thomas
  • Ump

Contact Number 

Email IdNot Known
Mobail Number74XXXXXX44

Sensitivity & Other Settings

General 100
Red Dot100
2x Scope100
4x Scope100
Sniper Scope100
Free Look96
Aim PrecisionDefault

Channel Stat 

Total Subscribe7.8 Million
Viral Videos View 29 Million
First Video Date 2 jan 2019
Channel Create Date 23 jun 2018
Total Channel Video659
Total Channel View1 Billion

Real Id Proof 

UnGraduate Gamer Free Fire ID

UG Empire Channel Stat 

Total Subscribe1.86 Million
Viral Videos View 5.8 Million
First Video Date 1 Jun 2019
Channel Create Date 25 Mar 2019
Total Channel Video224
Total Channel View116 Million

Mobail Brand List

Number Brand Name & Ram
1Mi Redmi 4A (1 GB )
2Poco F1 ( 6 GB )
3Realme 3 ( 3 GB )
4One plus 17 Pro
5ROG 2
6ROG 3
7iPhone 13 Pro

Social Media Accounts List

  • You Tube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Discord

Social Media Account Link

You Tube Click Now
Instagram Click Now
Facebook Click Now
Twitter Click Now
Discord Click Now

Monthly Income Report

Here I will tell you about the monthly income of an undergraduate, then below you will get the monthly income of an undergraduate

Here I am going to use social plane website to know monthly income of Ungraduate Gamer because here you get earning report of all players on YouTube.

Where in this website we have been given at least and maximum points between these two, in this you get their income in the middle, so you have to take care

Monthly income of ungraduate gamer  is at least $1110 and maximum twelve is $10000

If we take out the income of 1 year, then it is almost made at least $12000 and maximum $136000, if we convert it into ionization, then it is made at least for about ₹ 100000 and at most it is made about 1 crore. Rupees

UnGraduate Gamer Net Worth

If we talk about the total net worth of the undergraduate gamer, then it is almost made, then it comes to more than 4.5 crores.

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